Southwest Calgary Ring Road Public Information Sessions

Southwest Calgary Ring Road Public Information Sessions

Alberta Transportation, Mountain View Partners, and KGL Constructors will be hosting public information sessions on February 26th & 27th to provide an update on the 2018 construction season for the Southwest [...]

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FAQ: 2018 Property/Business Assessments and Customer Review Period

FAQ: 2018 Property/Business Assessments and Customer Review Period

On January 4, 2018, The City mailed over half a million property and business assessment notices. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) I have heard from my [...]

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2018 Budget Adjustments

2018 Budget Adjustments

With Budget Deliberations in our rear-view, we have provided key information regarding how your taxes will be allocated. It was not easy. Some difficult decisions had to be made as [...]

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  • I’m glad to support a strong woman, who speaks her mind and actually listens to and does what the constituents want & need. I LOVED the comment they posted from you on Save Calgary’s Facebook page, telling how embarrassing & disappointing our mayor has been regarding the arena issue.

    Alia Vanzhov Past President of Somerset-Bridlewood Community Association

  • Please pass along to Diane our appreciation for her responsible approach to deploying taxpayer dollars, and her willingness to engage with and take into account the views of Calgary citizens. Her approach and willingness to not only listen, but to seek input is both refreshing and impressive.

    Bruce W.

  • Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, for stepping up, for doing this difficult and extremely demanding job with grace, with enthusiasm and with dedication to your constituents. All with a smile and a positive attitude. The world needs (lots) more like you.

    Craig and Linda

  • Thank you for sticking to your principles and standing up for what is right as you leave the Commission after so many years of service. It's an honour to have you represent us as our Councillor.

    Doug C.

  • I appreciate the level of customer service, the seriousness and the speed from those who were involved behind the scenes with my concern. Ownership and accountability are two key traits that I see in so many people at the City of Calgary... impressive. Choi was responsive and helpful. You have awesome staff! I’m also floored that you responded. Best of luck in the upcoming election! I’ll be sure to make my vote count!

    Doug Cr.

  • Forgive my tardiness in thanking you for the crosswalk lights! Staff and residents of Shawnessy Lodge are very appreciative. Thank you! Your constituents love you.

    Eugene G.

  • I appreciated your comments at the council meeting. In your case, you made it clear that you had listened to the presentations and had made up your mind about how to vote. I was moved by your heartfelt remarks. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this city great.

    Geoffrey V.

  • Thx Diane, I appreciate you coordinating this process. Good to know our councillor has influence to get our position heard and involving the correct folks. And that you take the time to get actively involved.

    Greg P.

  • I am very grateful to Councillor Colley-Urquhart's responsiveness to her constituents and her respect for carefully spending taxpayer dollars!

    Heather G.

  • Diane's years of experience on Council, her work on countless committees, together with her background in community work, serves Calgary well. She has the knowledge and judgement that support the values and beliefs that are the foundation of our City.

    Jeff Fielding City Manager

  • Thank you so much for understanding our concern and prompt action. This is a real good example of a Councillor working for the residents and actually getting a solution. Hats off... you definitely rock.

    Kavita and Monoj

  • Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and perspectives with our community. Your support makes a difference in the lives of women, and we are grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.

    Krystal Northey The Women’s Centre of Calgary

  • I just wish to inform you that the Gregor Family will support you once again. I am a Transit operator for Calgary Transit 23 yrs now and I will never forget the support you gave my colleagues and myself in the 49 day strike we suffered through. Diane you always seem to sway in our line of thinking and I hope you succeed. You know we all thank you very much.

    The Gregors

  • Your common sense approach to the town hall meeting was very refreshing. I was impressed the way you handled the meeting letting everyone have their say. You didn't shy away when the meeting went overtime. This approach to problem solving was refreshing.

    Thomas from Woodbine

  • You are an amazing person whose impact in the community I have seen many times. Last night I experienced first hand your kindness, compassion, leadership, and humility and the impact that has. I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you for being an incredible leader.

    Trevor D.