Ward 13 Townhall Meetings

Ward 13 Townhall Meetings

With all that is happening in our City, I wanted to take the time to hear from Ward 13 residents on what we have achieved together over the last four [...]

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Green Cart Program Rollout

Green Cart Program Rollout

As some of you might be aware, this summer The City of Calgary will begin its city-wide roll out of Green Cart Food & Yard Waste collection. Like the Blue [...]

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Ward 13 Dog Park Update

Ward 13 Dog Park Update

On June 22nd, 2016 I hosted an information session at the Woodcreek Community Hall in response to the closing of the unofficial off-leash dog park located just off of HWY [...]

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  • I want to commend you for your complete support, and not just lip service, in support of Jennifer and other female officers in the police department. Thank you for your work on this. Your support of her, is support of all who have experienced harassment.

    Anita J.

  • I of course do not know the full story, but good on you for taking a stand and not putting up with the Commission's nonsense. Very courageous to go public to defend the interests of those officers and make sure that CPS is held accountable for the workplace environment that they maintain. All strength to you Diane, I'm sure this is not fun to deal with. As always, you have the best interests of people in mind and that's what counts!

    Anthony M.

  • You have fought a good fight in defending social justice and restoring public confidence in the deteriorating police force of Calgary! We are proud of you!

    Anthony W.

  • You did nothing wrong but try to help people who needed help. You are not my councillor but I admire what you did for the rights of women and for Calgary. You are an inspiration and don't let them put you down. Keep fighting for us.

    Aurelie M.

  • I was very disheartened to see you had resigned from the Calgary Police Commission the other day. I appreciated your passion for what you brought to those that serve to make Calgary a great place for us to live and be safe. You will be sorely missed.


  • I am a retired member of the CPS. I had the privilege and opportunity to work with you on some significant projects, and initiatives. I always appreciated your commitment to the Service and Community. The position that you have taken in supporting female members of the service is courageous and well taken. Well done, good for you, it is the right thing to do!

    Bob C.

  • I am appalled that you would be pressured to work within the confines of an old boy's club. You have been elected to represent your ward and the people of Calgary which is what you have done. Thank you for your work.

    Catherine B.

  • I would like to applaud you for standing up for members of the Calgary Police Service who have suffered harassment and discrimination. I very much hope you will be able to continue being a source of help and empowerment for those being victimized in the workplace at the Calgary police Service in your role outside of the Commission.

    Charles A.

  • I really want to extend you some grace for all the tough times you are now going through. You are the hardest working of the bunch.

    Cheryl F.

  • I just read a news story that you were accused of being out-of-line for speaking up about bullying and harassment toward women in the CPS. I know you're not my councillor, but I want to say THANK YOU for doing it. Women are constantly being told to sit down, be quiet and play nicely - regardless of how we're treated. I hope you'll continue to stand up for the women who fear retribution and worsening situations if they try to do more themselves. The good ol' boys club of CPS needs to know that their days are over.

    Christine M.

  • Thank you for your integrity and your courage to bring to the attention of the public the allegations brought forward by the women members of Calgary Police Department. You’re a good person and don't give up.

    David C.

  • “I know you’ve been getting some bad press about resigning from the police commission. I personally think you did the right thing. Thank you again for bringing the abuse issues against the women serving in the CPS, that took courage. You can put your head down at night knowing that you started some very positive change.

    David C.

  • I would like to thank you for all the great work you have done on the CPC. You were unfairly treated by the commission and we stand behind you. Stay strong.

    Debbie H.

  • I am in full admiration for your open support of Calgary Policewomen. Thank-you for being an inspiration. Thank you for the example you set for politicians and for women everywhere!

    Denise P.

  • Thank you so much for sticking to your principles and standing up for what is right as you leave the Police Commission after so many years of service. It's an honour to have you represent us as our alderman.

    Doug C.

  • You took a courageous stand by leaving, and I admire you for standing up for the fundamental humanistic value of treating women equally and with respect. I know this wasn't an easy decision for you but you did the right thing, and you have set an example for how to proceed when faced with a choice to withdraw when it may be the easier thing to do or stand up. You stood tall.

    Gene T.

  • Diane. Bold action. Bold woman. Congrats. Dramatic moves are needed when more words not being acted on continue to fail. I can feel you passion on this issue. A champion is needed. Thanks for taking a stand. Hang in there you have lots of supporters

    Greg B.

  • Your bravery regarding the whole Calgary Police Commission has been admirable, and my daughters are watching, so I do sincerely thank you for that.

    Hazel R.

  • As a former police officer for some 31 years, I have always seen you as an incredible supporter of the Police Service and your leadership is needed even more now given the ongoing issues within the Service. It is my hope your voice will not be silenced. I meant what I said about appreciating your support through the years and I as well am concerned with what I see as a huge change in the culture of the CPS. Take care and know you are appreciated. You are one of the special ones!

    Inspector V. F.

  • I was saddened to see the treatment you have received by the Police Commission and the fact that you are being criticized for having the courage to stand up for what is wrong with our system. I just want you to know that I support you 100 - always have and always will. AND I want to thank you for being you.

    Irene P.

  • You are a courageous woman, a principled leader and ethical politician. From my perspective the reprimand handed to you came from the same embedded distorted abusive environment that lead to the culture of harassment you fought against.


  • I'd like to thank you for speaking out publicly about the police issues and taking the flak for it.

    Judy S.

  • We don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of everything that has led to your decision to resign from the Calgary Police Commission. But we do support and congratulate you upon your strong stand regarding all the circumstances around this situation. We hope you can continue to make a positive difference in the campaign to eliminate the harassment and bullying which is occurring to some of the female officers in our city police force and elsewhere. Thank you for your dedication and hard work during all your years on the Calgary Police Commission.

    Larry & Jane S.

  • I've been an admirer since you took office although not in your constituency, you go girl! I'm not a feminist but I feel it's time to speak up. Bless you Diane Colley-Urquhart THANK YOU so much for your service to the citizens of Calgary. You make this city a great place to live! I only wish I was half as brave as you are!

    Laura M.

  • So what the Police Commission have turned their backs on you....you did nothing wrong actually kudos to you for sticking up for those Constables! You are supported and don't let 'them' bully you!

    Louise L.

  • Thank you for having the time to meet with the unhappy police officers. It is very difficult to speak out about things that are wrong...but it needs to be done. This is a great example for younger women .The Old Boys Club needs to be shaken up. It is sad that you had to resign from the Commission but you probably changed the lives of several young women by listening to their concerns...thank you for your work. You ROCK Sister!! Keep it up!!!

    Margaret B.

  • I just wanted you to know that your courage to stand up is not going to go unnoticed and hopefully will make a real impact in the long run towards changing the culture of CPS, and for the sake of the victims that are still suffering I hope that doesn't take too long.

    Matt B.

  • Diane, you just had your wrist slapped in public. All I know is what I read in the papers, but everything you are doing on police commission matters looks right. Keep going. Don’t worry. Ultimately, the voters support you.

    Milton B.

  • Was sad to see that you stepped down from the CPC. I'm thankful for all your years of service on the board and the sage advice that you brought to the organization. You did, and continue, to do the right thing by standing up for those who were bullied and harassed. The story continues to unfold and I am thankful you were able to cast a light on the discrimination. I'm sure it wasn't easy. Politics is always about public service and you should hold your head high knowing that you are acting in the best interest of all Calgarians. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs, morals and principles and giving us an example of what elected officials should be. You continue to be a great role model for me on what life in politics can be.


  • I am so sorry to see you go, so sorry that you felt you had to choose after reports in the newspaper today. I wanted to let you know I admire you and I admire all that you stand for.

    Sara C.

  • I am so sad. Sad that you were publicly chastised, and sad that you felt your only recourse was to resign from the Commission which benefited for 10 years from your frank, honest and open position on issues pertinent to this city. I fully respect your right to resign, but as a woman, a citizen of Calgary and the mother of 2 adult women and 1 man, I am sad for you, and for us.

    Sheryl P.

  • We are both saddened and angered by Commissioner Thiessen's actions in the press. We would like to add our names to the growing list of people that support you and wish to see Mr. Thiessen resign, along with anyone else that supports his views and inability to address the problems that led the victims to your door. You did the right thing. Thank you.

    Susanne J.

  • We just want to compliment you for continuing to stand up for what is right, honorable and ethical for everyone, and in this case the rights and respect for the women of the CPS. Doing what is right is often difficult but in the long run is the courageous and winning stance. Keep up the excellent job for all Calgarians.

    The Evans

  • Your actions over the last year indicate that you are one of the few willing to stand up for what is right. It seems as though we have a case of 'shooting the messenger'. Very unfortunate.

    Tom K.