14 Street / Glenmore Trail Pedestrian Bridge Railing Improvements

14 Street / Glenmore Trail Pedestrian Bridge Railing Improvements

By Diane Colley-Urquhart on January 27 2017

Last year as I cycled around the south end of the city, I came across some safety hazards on the 14th  Street / Glenmore Trail pedestrian bridge where I felt a couple of safety measures were necessary. I snapped a quick video and had called upon the Roads team to inquire whether any safety adjustments could be implemented here to prevent any near misses or accidents from happening. 

I am so pleased to announce that as of this week, a safety railing and a sign have both been installed here at this pedestrian bridge. The Bridges crew installed a section of the 1400 mm high galvanized steel pedestrian rail with a black and yellow chevron to address the safety concerns identified at this location. 

Troy McLeod (Director, Roads), you and your team are so amazing. This is just perfect. I always worried about it when I cycled through this bridge so I really appreciate Kurt Hanson (General Manager, Community Services) forwarding my video to you on this safety issue. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

Have a look at some photos of the newly installed safety measures:

Safety Railing 1

Safety Railing 2

Safety Railing 3

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