Green Cart Program Rollout

Green Cart Program Rollout

By Diane Colley-Urquhart on April 18 2017

As some of you might be aware, this summer The City of Calgary will begin its city-wide roll out of Green Cart Food & Yard Waste collection.

Like the Blue Cart rollout, The City will be phasing in the program by quadrant. Green carts will be delivered to all single-family homes starting with the southwest in June. Cart delivery will continue in the northwest in July, the northeast in August and the southeast in September.

Weekly collection of green carts will start in the first quadrant in mid-July with completion of all quadrants by early October. Each quadrant’s start date is listed below:

  • Southwest: Week of July 17th
  • Northwest: Week of August 14th
  • Northeast: Week of September 4th
  • Southeast: Week of October 2nd

Green carts and starter kits will be delivered to homes, quadrant by quadrant. Residents will receive everything they need to get started:

  • Green cart – the same size as the blue cart
  • Kitchen pail – to collect food scraps inside the home
  • Starter supply of compostable bags – to line the kitchen pail
  • Starter supply of paper yard waste bags – for extra yard waste that doesn’t fit inside the cart
  • Instruction guide and collection

Green Cart program rate:

  • Residents will not pay for Green Cart service in 2017. Starting in January 2018, households will pay $6.50/month.
  • Black cart garbage collection (pick-up only) is supported by your property taxes. The savings achieved by changing Black Cart collection to once every two weeks will be invested into the Green Cart program to reduce the monthly rate to $6.50/month.
  • The Waste Management Charge on your utility bill (ENMAX) is for the costs associated with disposing and managing residential garbage at The City’s three landfills.

When service begins, blue and green carts will be collected every week on the same day. Black carts will be collected on a different day, once every two weeks since you can cut your garbage in half by using your green cart. Residents will be provided with a 3-month collection schedule to help them get acquainted with their new collection days. Going forward there are many ways for residents to get their collection schedule. By visiting they can view their schedule online and sign up to get free collection day reminders or download our mobile app.

For more information and F.A.Q.

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