The Alberta Human Rights And Citizenship Commission


Commissioner, Alberta Workers’ Compensation Appeals Commission (1998 – 2001)

  • Interviewed and selected from 450 applicants from across Alberta
  • Adjudicative Tribunal which is the final level of appeal in Alberta, providing a timely, independent and responsive appeals process to employers and injured workers
  • Required to demonstrate practices consistent with natural justice and fairness, and apply legislation, policy and procedure.
  • Must demonstrate respect, excellence, and critical listening skills. Be fair, impartial, objective, open-minded, weigh evidence, and determine findings of fact, with rational thinking, strong analytical skills, and sound understanding of consensus decision making in a team environment.

Commissioner, Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission (1999 – 2009)

  • Served as a Human Rights Commissioner on quasi-judicial administrative tribunals that operated under the Human Rights Act of Alberta. As a Commissioner I chaired panels which received and reviewed submissions from complainants and appellants and heard evidence under oath or by affirmation about the situation that resulted in a complaint being filed. After hearing the evidence, the tribunal made a decision and wrote the decision. If the tribunal decided that the complaint has merit, the tribunal ordered a remedy. If the complaint was without merit the complaint was dismissed. Where the tribunal found that the complaint had merit, it ordered a remedy.
  • Member, Awards Committee
  • Member, Policy Review Committee

Chair, Provincial Fatality Review Board (1998 – 2007)

  • Order in Council Appointment by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
  • Review of all cases of accidental and undetermined deaths and any deaths that occur in a provincial institution or involved a ward of the Court
  • Make recommendations for a Fatality Inquiry

Commissioner, Canada Pension Board Tribunal (1992 – 1995)

  • Second level of appeal for appellants in Canada, to confirm or change the decision at the first level of appeal. Members must be objective and unbiased, and analyze each case brought forward by an appellant on the basis of evidence submitted and make a decision on the appeal. This involved interpretation of the Canada Pension Act, reviewing and examining all the documentation on which the original decision was made, plus reviewing additional information received from the parties to the appeal prior to the hearing.