• "Diane, thank you again for spending time with our Grade 6 classes. They thoroughly enjoyed their time with you and have a much greater insight of municipal politics. They really enjoyed hearing about your childhood and I think you inspired many of them to reach for the stars - any of their dreams are possible."

    Allison M. Calgary Catholic School Board

  • “I have always been an admirer of yours. I believe you are the best alderman in the city of Calgary and STRONGLY believe you are the one who should be running for mayor. Diane, I am now 72 yrs old and awful tired of fighting and not getting anywhere. Hopefully you can give me some help in one way or another. All the very best to you and your future endeavours and I will support you until I am in my grave! You are a good lady and very proud to have you as a friend."

    Art S.

  • "Diane seems to be the only Councillor who remembers that they are voted to represent the views of the electors. The other 14 (Mayor included) seem to think they are the wise ones who know what is good for us and do not care to hear our views."


  • “Thank you for your ongoing commitment to safety and security initiatives for Calgary Transit. Your vote of confidence has served to energize our peace officers resulting in increased morale and a deeper sense of ownership over problems, crime and disorder."

    Brian W.

  • "So happy that you are investigating the reintroduction of fluoride in to Calgary water. Thank you so much for your continuing sensible approach to helping others."


  • "That’s leadership, always based in values and principles. Diane’s intent and purpose are honourable. I appreciate her ongoing commitment and leadership on this important and shared community issue."

    Chief Paul Cook

  • "I’d like to say thank you for continuing to serve our community with expertise and dedication. It’s sometimes a thankless job, and in these challenging times, often goes unnoticed or complained about. So thank you for your hard work."

    Chris in Bridlewood

  • “Considering everything you are faced with and have to manage, you are great to help out with our situation. We noticed how nicely you handled the elder woman at the Canyon Meadows Community meeting which is just goes to the type of person you are. Many thanks!”

    Chris T.

  • “Finally I get around to thank you for the super job you did re: my concerns I had mentioned to you at the meeting at our Community Hall with Police and Firefighters. I received on every one a follow-up call. I am happy to see that we got a few posters in the back alley stating the 15 km speed limit. Thanks again and my offer stands, if you ever need any help, just let me know."

    Christa S.

  • "I would like to thank you for coming to our City Hall classroom to talk to us about your job and letting us ask you questions. A highlight for me was meeting you because you told us some things I didn't know but I wanted to know."

    Cianna L. Grade 6 Student, Bridlewood School

  • "Thank you for participating in the 25th Annual Calgary Pride Parade! The support you and other city councillors showed Sunday is not unnoticed and I look forward to working with you on future LGBTQA issues that affect Calgarians day-to-day."

    Craig S. Director of Governmental Affairs for Calgary Pride

  • “I never thought about how really hard it must be to take the stances you have – keep up the great work. You are an intelligent gutsy lady. Not only do you represent our Ward, but you have shown yourself to be one of the intelligent members of Council. You are so bang on about the bridges, the raises, the parking. Keep up the good work. My wife and I are very impressed with you."

    D. Burrell

  • “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for standing up for the firefighters. It is very much appreciated! Diane for Mayor!!!!!”

    Dale W.

  • "Given the structure of the meeting, with 5 minute presentations, and 10 +/- minutes of questions, I assumed it would have been challenging to hold to the schedule. However, through your leadership, the meeting ran smoothly and remained on time. I want to compliment you specifically as I was truly uncertain what to expect leading up to the meeting. While Jeff Booke shared some of his experience from previous years, I approached the meeting with uncertainty and thoughts that the environment may be intimidating. What I found was completely the opposite. You were wonderfully welcoming and particularly engaging through our presentation. Thank you for providing this inviting culture to the LPSS and other civic partners. On behalf of LPSS and Talisman Centre, thank you for the opportunity to share some very exciting times for the facility. I look forward to attending again next year in the role of Past Chair of the LPSS."

    Darryl Bourne Chair, Lindsay Park Sports Society Board

  • Thank you for your integrity and your courage to bring to the attention of the public the allegations brought forward by the women members of Calgary Police Department. You’re a good person and don't give up.

    David C.

  • "Deputy Mayor, you did an outstanding job conveying a very complex position, thank you."

    Deputy Chief Trevor Daroux

  • “Thanks for getting back to me, and on a national holiday yet! You've always done an excellent job of advocating for us in Ward 13.”

    Doug C from Woodbine

  • “I have really admired your approach, and shared with colleagues at the UofC how impressive you were in your remarks to Council on Tuesday night. I especially liked your framing of your expertise and experience as a health care provider, yet still indicating a perspective of needing and welcoming new information to inform you.”

    Dr. William Ghali, O’Brien Institute for Public Health

  • “I am glad to hear that you stuck to your convictions of the Millions. I do not agree that dollars of so many will go to help so few. Even though we have volunteered and helped out with the victims of the flood I feel that money would be better spent going towards areas such as infrastructure etc. Thanks for doing a great job and keep up the good work."

    Elaine F.

  • Forgive my tardiness in thanking you for the crosswalk lights. Staff and residents of Shawnessy Lodge at 30 Shannon Place SW are very appreciative. I have not used the transit this winter to-date, but am looking forward to a shelter come spring 2017. Thank you !!!!! Your constituents love you.

    Eunice G.

  • “I appreciate having a member of my city council come out and help [re. The Cell Tower], you have my vote just for taking the time to listen let alone inject your knowledge when it was such a devastating time for our city with the flooding but you did take the time so thank you."


  • “Thank you very much for helping get our sidewalk fixed. We really appreciate it and you have our vote.”

    Flo K from Shawnessy

  • “I just want to commend you on your tweet comments about Mr. Clark. I couldn’t agree more. Thank-you for standing up to him. Your comments were so appropriate and way overdue. Thank-you for taking the time to support our community the way you did this past week as I know the last while has been personally difficult for you. I do hope you and your family are managing alright with one another’s support.”

    Gail S.

  • "Diane, we wish you to know that your willingness to LISTEN to our concerns has not gone unnoticed and our best wishes and support is in your corner on this matter."


  • "Diane’s grounded, common-sense approach to politics and the respect she has garnered in working with her Council colleagues as a team player, have resulted in numerous policies and community investments being implemented since she entered public office. With over 35 years as a professional Registered Nurse, she listens to what is important to Calgarians.”

    Gerry B.

  • "Councillor Colley-Urquhart, thank you for your support of the Calgary Next review. I thought your article in today's Herald was very good and logical. Again, many thanks for your approach and ability to remain open to this idea. I wish our mayor did the same, Speaking of mayors, have you thought of running next time, you have my vote!"


  • “I want to thank you for meeting with our Building Bridges group from the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary. Many said afterwards that the visit with you was the highlight of their tour. Now they feel that our City Council is approachable – all because of you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done in making our city more welcoming and diverse."


  • "Your support of our projects over the years and your words at Council on Monday we so appreciated. I was concerned after the SPC meeting that I had not done the best job in addressing some of the concerns. I so appreciated your summation of our project and your remarks. Thank you."

    Kathi Sundstrom Executive Director, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

  • “I have been receiving your City Hall Updates and want to thank you for your continued support of the Shawnee Golf Course residents and keeping us in the loop. We are indeed fortunate to have an Alderman who is so willing to be involved and on our side. I note your common sense approach to other issues as well.”

    Kaye in Shawnee

  • “On behalf of the Calgary Woodcreek Lions Club, I would like to thank you for putting in an application for the $2,500 donation. This made it possible to add an eight member family to our list of Christmas Hamper recipients. All of the families for whom we provided the hampers have been extremely thankful. We would also like to thank you so much for your donation of effort and valuable time in helping us wrap gifts for the Christmas Hampers.”

    Larry S

  • "Dr. Lanthier has asked me to convey the sincere thanks of the entire team at the zoo for your support of the flood mitigation plan for St. George’s Island. We applaud and deeply appreciative of council’s support of its zoo."

    Len W. Senior Advisor, External Relations for Calgary Zoo

  • "Diane, thanks very much for standing with us and your supportive comments in the media yesterday surrounding Fire budgeting."

    Mike Carter President of Calgary Firefighters Association Local 255

  • "Had a great meeting with @BigRedyyc today. Thanks for inviting me to chambers for the first time."

    MLA Graham Sucha

  • "Thank you again for joining us for the event on Saturday! You really elevated the experience with your energy (humour), passion for community and support of women!"

    Monica Kretschmer Founder and CEO of Canadian Business Chicks

  • “Thank you for all your hard work with us on the Shawnee Golf Course and your presentation at the public hearing. Shawnee Park will be a lovely community when it is complete. All the best.”


  • “Again I would like to thank you for your kind words and especially for all of your support to the police. All of us at the Calgary Police Service really appreciate it. Our success would be limited if you were not there for us.”

    Rick Hanson, Chief Police of Calgary

  • "Was really impressed w/ @BigRedyyc during the three hours I was at #yyccc. She was engaged + interested in everyone and asked GOOD questions."


  • "Diane often prompts us, in always strategic directions, and once again this (motion) turned out as it should. We're fortunate to have Diane."

    Stuart Dalgleish GM of Community & Protective Services

  • "Your common sense approach to the town hall meeting last night was very refreshing. I was also impressed with the way you handled the meeting letting everyone have their say and putting people back on track with facts when people started talking total emotion. You didn't shy away when the meeting went overtime. This approach to problem solving was refreshing."

    Thomas from Woodbine

  • “You are an incredible person, as a citizen and more importantly a friend, thank you so much for what you did today [re. illegal secondary suite]. I know this is only one of the many acts of kindness that you do, but you need to know how much it means to all of us. YOU are what makes this city the incredible place that it is."

    Trevor D.