In The News (2014)


Council rejects compromised on basement suites – Calgary Herald

Hall Monitor: Can Nenshi count to eight on secondary suites? – Calgary Herald

Calgarians feel oil crash backlash – 660 News

City Councillor wants more proactive measures against sexual harassment in the workplace – 660 News


Council mulls over snowstorm recovery option – 660 News

Population growth and limited hires could cause ‘great strain’ for police service – Calgary Herald


My editorial: Don’t let the province dismantle our 911 service – Calgary Herald


City of Calgary Sunshine List shouldn’t detail precises salaries, report recommends – Calgary Herald

Keeping an eye on the Bayview Bear (Audio) – CBC Eyeopener

My take on secondary suites (Audio) – CBC, The Homestretch

Why I am in favour of secondary in Calgary (Audio) – Calgary Herald


Ban Councillors from expensing alcohol – Calgary Herald


Council grapples with seniors’ transit discounts – Calgary Herald

City to review competitiveness of its naming-rights policy – Metro News

Calgary council scooping your $52M instead of tapping rainy-day fund for floods fixes an easy sell – Calgary Sun


Pushing Ring Road forward comes with big-bucks financial headaches for Calgary council – Calgary Sun

City says extra $133M needed for Ring Road connections – Calgary Herald

Council seeks public opinions on sex trade – Calgary Herald


City to study e-cigarettes – CBC News


City racks up 264 damage claims for snow and ice – Calgary Sun


Councillor want more public water fountains – Calgary Herald

New Fire Hall given some Valentine’s Love – Calgary Sun

City to consult public on Calgary Sex Trade laws – Calgary Herald

Truth about diversity – Calgary Herald

Colley-Urquhart: City knows that diversity and inclusion are key – Calgary Herald


Calgary Councillors keen to shed light on public salaries – Metro News

City committee eyes ways to deal with icy public walks in Calgary neighbourhoods – Calgary Sun

Sunshine lists in other cities no big deal – Calgary Sun