Investing in Community Infrastructure

On July 25, 2011, Council demonstrated a commitment to addressing priority community infrastructure needs through the creation of the Community Investment Fund (CIF). Since that time, $545 million dollars have been allocated (2011-2035) to support citizen service delivery efforts via investments in recreation centres, playgrounds, libraries, swimming pools, parks, arenas, athletic fields and emergency response infrastructure. In addition, the fund has also supported community associations, Civic Partners and social recreation groups with key improvements in their neighbourhoods, from new community-based infrastructure to addressing priority facility renewal needs.

In terms of addressing future community needs, Council’s ongoing CIF investment represents a significant step towards addressing the estimated $2 billion dollar community infrastructure gap projected from 2015-2024, including associated growth and increased citizen service delivery demands. The continued commitment of CIF funding will close this identified gap in unfunded community projects by 10 per cent.

In alignment with Council’s priorities from Action Plan, this ongoing funding is committed to major city-wide projects, such as the New Central Library and four new regional recreation facilities, along with addressing a wide range of emerging neighbourhood-based needs.

Please view Attachment 1 to learn more. This document provides an overview and expands on the community impact of CIF in Calgary neighbourhoods.