Macleod Trail and 162 Avenue South Interchange 

Construction Update – August 2017

A major closure of 162 Avenue and Sun Valley Blvd across Macleod Trail will take place the weekend of August 11 to 14.  The closure will begin following the evening rush hour at 7:00 pm on Friday night August 11, and then re-open to traffic early in the morning of Monday August 14, before the morning rush hour.

The closure is necessary to allow crews to change over the interchange configuration from the temporary detour that has been in place since October 2016, and to prepare for opening of the final Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) configuration in Fall 2017.  During the closure, 162 Avenue and Sun Valley Blvd will be closed between Shawville Blvd and the Midpark Blvd / Sunpark Drive intersection.  All access ramps to and from Macleod Trail will also be closed during this period, with traffic rerouted to the nearby Shawnessy Blvd and 22X interchanges.  East-west access across Macleod Trail will remain available for pedestrians, cyclists and emergency vehicles.

Following the major closure, the interchange will operate in the new DDI configuration.  The new access ramp from southbound Macleod Trail to the Shawnessy Shopping Centre will also be opened, providing motorists with a direct access to the southern part of the Shopping Centre.  The intersection at Sunpark Gate and Sun Valley Blvd will also be open to all turning movements again.

Additional closures and road construction activities will continue to take place through the remainder of August and into September in order to finalize the roadway.  This will be the last major stage of road construction for this project.

In particular, following the opening of the DDI on August 14, the northbound exit from Macleod Trail to 162 Avenue / Sun Valley Blvd will remain closed for an additional two weeks in order to allow crews to remove and rebuild the former detour ramp in the southeast corner of the interchange.  Traffic will be detoured to the nearby Shawnessy Blvd / Midlake Blvd exit instead.  Crews will be working around the clock to the complete the ramp and re-open it to traffic at the earliest possible opportunity.

Please see the Construction Notice which provides the above information plus a few more details. Some maps/diagrams of the closures, restrictions and detours will be sent out to you shortly.  We plan to distribute this Construction Notice and the maps/diagrams to our stakeholder list tomorrow.

To learn more, please visit the project webpage,

Proposed 138 KV Transmission Line Relocation

Alberta Transportation continues to move forward with development of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road. To accommodate construction of the new interchange at 162 Avenue SW, ENMAX Power Corporation (ENMAX) is required to relocate a portion of an existing 138 kV transmission line.

The project requires the removal of a section of an existing 138 kV transmission line and relocating a portion of it approximately 85 metres north of its current location with new laminate transmission poles including:

  • Removal of 12 existing wooden transmission poles on an existing 138 kV line east of ENMAX Substation No. 6 located at 16300 – 37 Street SW
  • Installation of 10 new laminate poles to replace wooden poles as outlined in the map

ENMAX plans to file an application with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) in mid-May 2017. Subject to approvals being granted, ENMAX expects construction to begin in September 2017 with a proposed in-service date of October 2017.

The proposed single circuit transmission structures will be self-supporting laminate poles and will have a height of 23 to 32 metres (75 to 105 feet). The current wooden poles being replaced are approximately 20 to 22 metres (66 to 72 feet) in height.

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Construction Schedule – Shawville Blvd./162 Ave. intersection improvements

June – August:

  • Work continues on intersection improvements with anticipated completion in August

Construction Schedule – Interchange

April – Fall

  • Construction continues on overpass and approach roads


  • Anticipated opening of new interchange

Note: Completion dates may be impacted by weather conditions

Construction Schedule – Interchange

February – Fall 2017: Construction continues on north bridge structure and approach roads.
September 2017: Anticipated opening of new interchange.

Construction Schedule – Shawville Blvd / 162 Ave Intersection Improvements

April – August 2017: Major lane restrictions begin at Shawville Blvd./162 Ave. intersection for improvements.

About the Project

  • The interchange at Macleod Trail and 162 Avenue South will be an integral part of The City’s overall transportation network that includes commuters, cyclists, pedestrians, transit users and High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV).
  • When complete, motorists will be able to travel on Macleod Trail from Lake Fraser Gate to 194 Avenue without going through any traffic lights.
  • Construction of the interchange and roadway will improve access and connectivity to and from Macleod Trail for the communities of Sundance, Midnapore, Shawnessy, Somerset, Bridlewood as well as Evergreen, and the surrounding businesses and services, including Shawnessy Towne Centre.
  • With the construction activity and utility relocations, this project has resulted in road restrictions and closures. Detours have been established for both local businesses and commuting traffic. Motorists should expect delays when travelling through the construction area.
  • In April 2016, traffic on 162 Avenue and Sun Valley Boulevard will be shifted to the north side of the roadway to allow for construction of new roadways and overpasses on the south side throughout 2016. Impacts include the closure of left turn access from both directions of 162 Avenue onto Shawville Boulevard, closure of Sunpark Gate to the south at Sun Valley Boulevard, the removal of temporary signals on Sun Valley Boulevard, and reopening a single lane left turn from northbound Macleod Trail to westbound 162 Avenue.
  • Construction of the interchange bridge structures is scheduled to continue throughout 2016, with completion of the interchange by the fall of 2017.
  • We continue to keep the project webpage updated on a regular basis at


What is this project all about?

The City’s Transportation Department is building an interchange at Macleod Trail and 162 Avenue South. This interchange will be an integral part of The City’s overall transportation network that includes commuters, cyclists, pedestrians, transit users and High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV). The interchange will help to enhance Macleod Trail as a gateway to the City from the provincial highway network, and when complete, motorists will be able to travel Macleod Trail from Lake Fraser Gate to 194 Avenue without going through any traffic lights.

Why is the interchange being built now?

City Council has identified the West Macleod area south of Stoney Trail and west of Macleod Trail as a Priority Growth Area for the City. The interchange will help to facilitate this growth, as well as address existing traffic issues, and coordinate this project with the Alberta Government who is responsible for the construction of the Southwest Ring Road (Stoney Trail).

What are some of the benefits of the interchange?

Construction of the interchange and roadway at this location will:

  • Improve mobility for commuters, cyclists and pedestrians while accommodating access to surrounding businesses and services;
  • Improve access and connectivity to and from Macleod Trail for the communities of Sundance, Midnapore, Shawnessy, Somerset, Bridlewood and Evergreen, and Shawnessy Towne Centre;
  • Coordinate with the Alberta Government the planned provincial improvements at Macleod Trail and Stoney Trail (formerly Highway 22X), in conjunction with the Southwest Ring Road; and
  • Increase road capacity to serve priority growth areas in southwest Calgary, including transit-oriented development around area LRT stations.

Will there be impacts to the flow of traffic in the area during construction?

Yes. Construction on this project will result in a number of lane closures and detours. The City will do its best to mitigate these impacts to local businesses and commuting traffic during construction. See below for the construction schedule and 2016 detour plan.

What kind of interchange is being built?

After completing an analysis of the traffic flow at the intersection and evaluating several designs, it was determined that a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) was the most appropriate layout for an interchange at this location. While the Diverging Diamond has been constructed in other parts of the world, this will be the first urban DDI in Canada.

How does the DDI work?

The diverging diamond interchange (DDI) is designed in such a way that the two directions of traffic on 162 Avenue will briefly cross to the opposite side of each other on bridges over Macleod Trail. This allows more effective traffic flow at the signalized intersections within the interchange, and enables left-turning vehicles to proceed without crossing opposing traffic. This design significantly reduces delay and improves efficiency compared to a more traditional diamond interchange.

Check out the videos on the project webpage to see how the interchange will work once it’s completed.

What are the other benefits of the DDI?

Benefits of the DDI include:

  • Consolidation of the pedestrian and cyclist corridor to the centre of the bridge resulting in more convenient pedestrian and cycling travel across the interchange;
  • Less space required for interchange bridges;
  • Increased capacity for turning movements to and from ramps;
  • Free-flow left-turn movements from both directions on 162 Avenue to Macleod Trail northbound and southbound; and
  • Simplified and more efficient traffic signal operations with less delay for traffic.

Who is doing the work?

  • The City of Calgary is leading the project;
  • ISL Engineering is responsible for design and construction administration; and
  • Graham Infrastructure LP is the general contractor.

What is the budget for this project?

The estimated cost for the project is $68 million.

Impacts – Permanent Closure of Shopping Centre Right-Out Access

The City of Calgary is proceeding with the permanent closure of the temporary right-out access onto Macleod Trail from The Boulevard Shopping Centre (which includes businesses such as the Landmark Cinemas and the Superstore).

The right-in access into the shopping centre from southbound Macleod Trail will remain open.

This closure allows crews to continue moving forward on the building of the interchange at Macleod Trail and 162 Avenue by starting the construction of ramps in the area. This is another step within the construction schedule to ensure that the interchange project remains on-track.

To learn more, please visit the Project Webpage.