Community Newsletters

Councillor Diane’s City Hall Updates (2017)

December – Season’s Greetings, SNIC, Snow Angels

August – Road and Pedestrian Safety, RRFB, New Signal Installation, Traffic Calming Installation, Glenmore Dam Update and Closure

July – Four Things You Need To Know About Community Bylaws, Green Bin Program

June – Ward 13 Townhalls, Vacant Unsafe Neighborhood Properties, Jane’s Walk – Who’s Minding the Store?, Canyon Meadows Auatic Centre Re-Opening

May – Preparing for the SW Ring Road Construction, SW Ring Road Open Houses, Surrounding Area Construction Updates

April – Snow and Ice Clearing in Calgary, Avenue Calgary: Calgary’s Best Neighborhoods 2016, SW Calgary RIng Road Open House, Ward 13 Traffic Tour

March – 2017 Online Brochure Announcement, Calgary Woodcreek Lions Club Christmas Hampers Update, Donating my salary increase to our Syrian Refugee Family

February – 2017 Residential Property and Business Assessments

January – Woodcreek Longstanding Volunteer Profile: Cecil Jarig