Pedestrian and Traffic Safety

I am pleased to inform you that the final version of The City of Calgary’s Pedestrian Strategy document, “Step Forward”, is now available for your reference.  The final version incorporates all changes arising from Council’s approval of TT2016-0250, including revised (and renumbered) actions.  The approved 49 Actions and 6 Key Results will provide the foundation for The City’s efforts to provide a safe, enjoyable, and easy to use pedestrian system.

The final version of “Step Forward” is now available at for your reference.

To view the Step Forward strategy booklet, please click here.

Ward 13 Bus Tour 

This past May, myself, key city staff and the Ward 13 presidents toured problem traffic areas in each of the presidents’ communities who were in attendance. We were able to not only identify problems spots, but with the help of the Roads team we were able to get confirmation of a few traffic calming measures that could be implemented before the first snowfall.

Thanks to the diligent work of community volunteers and board members, the areas of concern now have been identified and we hope to see a swift solution that benefits all members of the community. Roads has committed to exploring these concerns and many others with some already in progress to alleviate concerns before the first snowfall stuck to the ground. With the help of concerned citizens and active community associations we can help make Ward 13 a safe place for commuters and pedestrians alike.

I invite you to view the summary here.

More Info

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