Community Safety and Security

Community Policing

As a former Police Commissioner of 10 years, member of the provincial ALERT Board of Directors for 5 years, and member of the SPC on CSPS, safety and security have always been at the forefront of my priorities. I have been vocal about having proper investments made in the fight against drugs, gangs and organized crime. I have a strong commitment to community-based policing and this past term in office, I advocated for the importance of adding an additional 170 police officers to the front lines to keep our City safe.

Calgary Community Addictions Strategy (CCAS)

I championed approval of $150,000 to go towards implementing the strategy to address the impact of addictions on the health and well-being of Calgary communities. Through collaboration of 68 community stakeholders, CCAS is now evolving into a fully viable and sustainable organization which will continue to drive the work forward and support community partners.

Pedestrian Strategy

As a member of the Pedestrian Strategy Steering Committee, I worked with others in the Council approved Step Forward Pedestrian Strategy. This policy with 49 approved actions was urgently needed to improve pedestrian safety, community health and foster a vibrant and liveable City.

Cell Towers

In 2014, the Federal Government (GOC) announced its ruling on cell phone towers. Under the ruling, telecommunications companies must do the following when proposing a cell tower location:

  • Consult with communities when it comes to building new cell phone towers, regardless of their height and size;
  • Send personalize mail to residents and clearly address it to the homeowner, notifying them of cell tower consultations; and
  • Limit the consultative process to three years.

STOP Marihuana Grow-Op Coalition

I started the first STOP Marihuana Grow-Op Coalition in Canada over 10 yrs ago. This initial Coalition had 42 key stakeholders that worked together to deal with all the safety, electrical, environmental and health impacts of these organized crime operations in neighborhoods across our City. 95% of these grow-ops are stealing power which all of us pay for through or utility companies recovering line loss.

Calgary Prostitution Report

This Supreme Court of Canada had found three key prostitution related offences violated prostitutes’ rights to security of person as protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedom. I asked for and received the full support of my Council colleagues to establish an Expert Working Group to examine the potential community impacts of the SCC on our City. The Group were the leading municipality in Canada to make recommendations to the federal government.