Having served the residents of Ward 13 for 17 years, I know we would all agree that the last 18 months have proven to be very difficult for our City. With the impacts of a slowed economy being felt more acutely than ever in 2015, I know that the rising unemployment rate has and continues to impact many of you and your families.

My many years of experience on City Council have been invaluable both as your Councillor and as a City Official during these challenging times. As this 4 year term ends this October, I am reporting back to you on what I have initiated and teamed up with others on. In this Report Card, I have highlighted many of the things that have been achieved on your behalf and in fulfilling the original mandate you gave to me.

Trusted and experienced leadership means being transparent and accountable when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars. Citizens are watchful and more aware than ever of how their tax dollars are being spent and being justified. Responsible leadership means being open-minded when making important decisions that directly or indirectly impact citizens, and being flexible when listening to new concerns you raise.

Despite heading off these challenging times, so many residents I meet with all the time remain resilient and optimistic about the future, and still believe their overall quality of life is quite strong. Citizens expect and deserve leadership and sound investment to strengthen and diversify our economy moving forward. As with your top priorities four years ago: Infrastructure, Traffic and Roads; Transit; and Crime, Safety and Policing, continue to round out the top three priorities I continue to work for on your behalf.