Roads and Public Transit Congestion

Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWRR)

We have seen progress in the SW portion of the Ring Road and I appreciated chatting with many of you at the information sessions. I am pleased to see this project finally moving ahead after over 40 yrs of talk. In Ward 13, full or partial Ring Road connections will be made from Anderson Road, 130th Ave SW, 146th Ave SW, 162nd Ave SW, Highway 22X, James McKevitt Road, and 6th Street SW. The City of Calgary is currently in the construction stages of the interchange at 162nd Ave SW and Macleod Trail SW, which will aid in the free flow of traffic and help eliminate traffic congestion in this area. The construction of the SWRR will be key to the development of the new community of Providence.

Southwest Transitway and BRT

I held my own Town Hall meeting with my constituents to thoroughly engage and listen to both positive and negative feedback on the project. My staff recorded all comments received at this meeting and I presented it to my Council colleagues at the Transportation & Transit Committee meeting that following month. With over 100 attendees, 80 speakers, and 16 hours of thoughtful discussion, the pace of this project has been slowed down significantly. I made a new recommendation to Administration to undertake a facilitated citizen involvement approach for the proposed project south of Glenmore Trail to include utilizing the latest online tools, workshops, and citizen opportunities to provide input on project components, community impacts, risks, and phasing. Many concerns and questions still remain.

Ridesharing Companies

Ridesharing companies, such as Uber, first operated in Calgary without requiring drivers to obtain the appropriate driver’s license or commercial insurance to operate safely. Immediately, The City brought forward an injunction to cease unsafe operations until the drivers and company complied with all applicable safety legislation. I took forward a Motion requesting we engage the Province to implement a coordinated provincial ride hailing strategy (successful).

Anderson Pedestrian Overpass

Residents of Woodbine, Cedarbrae and area can now enjoy the benefits of the new pedestrian bridge that crosses the busy Anderson Road. Construction on the overpass began in 2015 to link the heavily-used regional pathways on either side of Anderson Road. With its completion, there is now a continuous pathway between South Glenmore Park and Fish Creek Park that can be accessed safely, easily and quickly. Located just east of the future SWRR, the bridge was necessary to provide a north-south connection for safe travel and make room for the Anderson Road interchange.

Providence ASP

I’m pleased that the new community of Providence is proceeding. The 2700 acres situated along the City’s southwestern edge, is bounded by farmland to its west, the Tsuu T’ina Nation to the north, the future Southwest Ring Road to the east and Spruce Meadows Trail to the south. While most of Providence will be residential, its additional features will make it “complete” on a scale we have not yet seen in this City.


I fought hard for the implementation of the RouteAhead Rapid Transit Corridors, which is a series of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects stretching over 70km across all four quadrants of the City. The Program is projected to carry over 30,000 average weekday passengers and has been designed to provide more frequent, reliable and fast transit service than traditional bus service in a more cost effective approach to mass transit projects such as Light Rail Transit (LRT). The BRT Program is the first step in developing an enhanced grid of primary transit service which supplements the existing LRT network.