2016 Traffic Flow Map

The flow maps show the Average Daily Weekday Traffic Volume and is based on The City’s traffic counting program.

Average daily weekday traffic (ADWT) is the average number of vehicles in 24 hours adjusted for seasonal variation to represent the average weekday. The numbers on the maps are two-way totals.

These traffic flow maps are intended to be general representations of traffic volumes across the city. Traffic volumes shown are based on the last 5 years of date from a variety of sources and may reflect prevailing conditions including construction, detours and operating conditions in place during the current map year.

The City of Calgary provides this information in good faith but provides no warranty nor accepts any liability arising from any incorrect, incomplete or misleading information or its improper use. If you have questions, require clarification or would like more details on this data please call 311.

2016 Traffic Flow Map 01

2016 Traffic Flow Map 02

2016 Traffic Flow Map 03

2016 Traffic Flow Map 04

The flow maps are also available online and in the Open Data Catalogue