SW Dog Park Strategy

As many of you are aware, the Province closed the temporary off-leash area just off Hwy 22X in preparation for the SW leg of the Calgary Ring Road.

What you may not be aware of is that myself, my staff, and Parks have been working closely together to find a suitable replacement for citizens to enjoy with their furry friends.

There have been a few potential locations suggested and approached, but at such a high level of the process we are still in the very early planning phase and information will still be changing and updated accordingly.

  • Alberta Transportation has indicated the former Spruce Meadows off-leash area is not open to off-leash users. They plan to install concrete barriers soon to block off access to the small parking area.
  • There are currently 150 off-leash areas in the city. You may find yours by using The City’s off-leash locator.
  • Many of the off-leash areas in the south portion of the city are located along the perimeters of the communities, in Roads Right of Ways, or along Transportation Utility Corridors (TUC).
  • The two largest off-leash areas in the south part of the city are located in Sue Higgins Parks and Auburn Bay.
  • The only sizeable pieces of land remaining in the south belong to the Province as TUCs located west of Bridlewood and along Hwy 22X.
  • Unfortunately these TUCs will be impacted by the Southwest Ring Road work.
  • Calgary Parks is currently investigating potential off-leash area near the communities of Silverado, Shawnessy, Wolf Willow, and Providence.

Please also note that the Off-leash Area Management Plan was developed to provide The City of Calgary with consistent, city-wide guidelines for operating off-leash areas. Before additional off-leash areas and site changes can be implemented, public consultation needs to occur.


  • Calgary Parks has identified a potential location for an off-leash area within the TUC on the north side of Silverado.
  • If approved, the intent for this site would be to include a gravel parking lot with access off of Sheriff King St. This should greatly reduce the need for off-leash traffic to drive through the community.


  • Parks is investigating a possible off-leash area in a parcel of land immediately south of Bishop O’Byrne High School and The South Fish Creek (Cardel) Rec Centre. This site is stewarded by The City’s Corporate Properties.
  • The biggest challenges include lack of parking and the need for fencing around the storm pond to prevent dogs from being exposed to Cyanobacteria which can be found in storm pond water. Cynobacteria can cause serious illness in pets.

Wolf Willow

  • The opening of the Wolf Willow off-leash area is dependent on when the developer begins and completes construction of the community.


  • Calgary Parks will be contacting the developer of Providence to explore access to a portion of land for a temporary off-leash area.